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About Marc Ebinger

Hey there! I'm Marc Ebinger, a USAF Veteran and retired police sergeant turned business owner and podcast host. I'm married to my wonderful wife, Jennifer, and we are proud parents to our daughter, Brooke, who lights up our lives.

My career began in the US Air Force, where I dedicated five years of service. During that time, I was stationed at Plattsburg AFB, Clark AB in the Philippines, and finally, Randolph AFB in San Antonio, Texas. My military service was instrumental in shaping my discipline and leadership skills.

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In 1993, I joined the San Antonio Police Department, where I served as a street cop, homicide detective, an internal affairs investigator, and police sergeant. Each role offered its unique challenges and learning experiences, contributing significantly to my growth and understanding of communication and leadership.  

After retiring from police work in 2018, I shifted my focus to media and entrepreneurship. I hosted an independent talk radio show on KTSA and now lead the "Let's Talk Business" podcast team, where we talk to business owners and entrepreneurs about business growth, challenges, and mindset. I also founded Crükus Virtual Staffing, a company dedicated to empowering business owners by providing skilled virtual assistant staffing solutions. 

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As a public speaker, I thrive on sharing my knowledge and experiences, helping others harness the power of virtual teams to scale their businesses effectively.

Be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn and follow me on social media!

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