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How We Hire The Right Virtual Assistant For Every Client

Businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance efficiency while optimizing costs. Marc Ebinger, the CEO of Crükus Virtual Staffing, talks about the strategic approach his company uses to find the right Filipino virtual assistant for every client, allowing them to take advantage of the low salary opportunity and avoid a lot of red tape!

How Does Crükus Virtual Staffing Hire The Right Virtual Assistant For Every Client?

Outsourcing Process

The first step in Crükus Virtual Staffing's outsourcing process involves meticulously identifying the skills and tasks the client needs the virtual assistant to have.

Identifying Expertise

When it comes to hiring, Crükus Virtual Staffing places a significant emphasis on executive assistants with the right amount of experience. Although resumes are a good indicator of experience, Marc's company conducts skill-based testing from a third-party company to ensure job applicants demonstrate their skills in a way that can be observed and properly measured.

Why Businesses Should Take Notice of Remote Hiring

Smart Move to Cost-Efficiency

One big reason Crükus Virtual Staffing looks to the Philippines is the substantial cost disparity. Marc points out that hiring an experienced executive assistant in the United States can cost $60,000 or more, whereas a virtual assistant with comparable expertise from the Philippines may cost $20,000 or less. This significant cost difference gives business owners they options they need to stay competitive and profitable.

Staying Ahead in Global Competition

Marc advocates for the adoption of remote work, citing the intense global competition in business. He encourages businesses to recognize the benefits of remote hiring from different places, not just to save money, but to be smart and remain competitive. By tapping into the talent pool in the Philippines, Crükus Virtual Staffing positions itself as a forward-thinking player in the virtual staffing sector.

Crükus Virtual Staffing's approach to finding virtual assistants from the Philippines is a mix of expertise, cost-efficiency, and adaptability to the demands of the job market. As companies continue to figure out innovative ways of operating their businesses, Crükus Virtual Staffing sets the example for anyone looking to get the best from the global job market.


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